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MIXURI has committed every day to reduce the impact of its daily activities on the environment as much as possible

In order to reduce consumption of electricity and therefore reduce the harmful emissions that arise from its production, MIXURI has replaced all the lighting bodies with new LED lamps. In this way consumption of electricity has been significantly reduced.

We have started also a process of modernizing the buildings, aimed at increasing their quality and the level of insulation, which will end in 2023. Anyway we have already significantly reduced amount of energy needed for ambients conditioning.

But we have not limited ourselves to reducing the amount of energy used, we have also invested in improving the quality of the energy we consume.

We have totally eliminated the use of methane gas and any other fossil fuel to produce energy.

We have activated photovoltaic plant which allows us to obtain over 85% of our daily needs from renewable sources during most of the year, over 60% of the requirements over the whole year.

MIXURI EcoFriendly


Protecting the environment is a must for every human activity.