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we are professional adhesive tapes converter and we offer a large selection of them. All our tapes have characterized by unique qualities designing to meet all needs, from industry to house use.

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We are consolidated transformer of adhesive tapes, double-sided adhesive tapes and liners. We are located in Italy.

We have been supplying industry, small businesses and crafts since 2004. From 2021, through our eCommerce, we have extended the possibility of purchasing our adhesive tapes to the end user.

We produce highly professional adhesive tapes and double-sided adhesive tapes that we market under Eliner owner brand.

We can supply the tapes processed in rolls, spools, sheets, single plugs, group of plugs on sheets, plugs wound on roll, die-cut shapes in loose pieces or in rolls and finally we can customize some ribbons with color prints.


100% family business

15% of production has exported

revenues are constantly and sustainably growing

partnerships in 6 nations

We spend us every day to provide reliable and sustainable solutions using the latest innovations in terms of machinery, materials and adhesives in order to meet the growing needs of the markets.

Our skills and our strengths

  • Close relationships with customer to better understand their needs
  • R&D focused on the needs of the reference markets
  • Use of cutting-edge technologies
  • Financial strength for a long-term partnership

Eliner means

  • Selected raw materials and semi-finished products coming from historical partners
  • Deep experience in the processing of adhesive tapes
  • Permanent or removable adhesive tapes in rolls, spools, sheets or die-cut according to design
  • Set-up and service dedicated to meeting the customer’s productivity needs
  • Continuous monitoring of market needs
  • Development of new products


  • Being a qualified partner for effective, concrete and lasting relationships
  • Maintain a sustainable investment policy that guarantees innovative and quality products
  • Pursue sustainable growth for us, for the environment and for the community


  • Maintain a prominent position into the market
  • Propose our high quality at competitive price by exploiting our know-how, technologies, the synergies and an efficient industrial plan
  • Maintain a constant commitment to R&D over time to increase the performance of our products and meet new specific needs or customers